Fast Food in Thassos

Fast Food, Crepes, Souvlaki, Gyros, Burgers

Nice 2 meat you Nice 2 meat you Limenas, Thassos

Try the greek fast food in the center of Limenas through a complete menu. Order our dishes at your place with a phone call.

Panos Place Panos Place Limenas, Thassos

In the center of the pedestrian street in Limenas Thassos is located Panos Place since 1988. Panos Place menu is characterized by the variety of meals and the quality of materials.

Serraiki Bougatsa Sakis Serraiki Bougatsa Sakis Limenas, Thassos

In Serraiki Bougatsa Sakis we use high quality pure materials and produce handmade traditional pie "bougatsa" since 1970.

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