Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Activities in Thassos

Activities, Thassos

Water Sports

There are many companies involved in water sports. The instructors are experienced and follow all safety standards. You can try water skiing, flying parachute, diving and many other great sports.

Horse Riding

You can enjoy a horse ride with the horse clubs of Thassos. Horse riding is suitable for small children under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Scuba Diving

Dive into the blue waters of Thassos! Experienced certified dive instructors, train you to dive in the underwater world of the island. A unique experience for the whole family.

Around Thassos

The main road of Thassos covers the coast of the island and connects all the coastal villages. So you can visit all the beaches. The perimeter is approximately 100km. The regional road is extended to the villages making access very easy.

Around the island can be done by car or bike and from the sea by boat or cruise boat.

Hiking in Thassos

Thassos combines the sea with the mountain. So don't miss the mountain trails.

Thassos Mountain Trails

  • Panagia - Limenas: 11km 3 hours
  • Panagia - Potamia: 6km 2 hours
  • Potamia - Ipsario: 10km 5 hours. Top of mountain:1206 m
  • Thimonia, Archaggelos - Theologos: 15km 5 hours
  • Astris - Giola: 2 km
  • Kazaviti - Saint Panteleimona: 6km 2 hours
  • Maries - Lake
  • Limenas - Golden Beach from Vathi: 13km
  • Potos - Theologos: 10 km
  • Theologos - Kastro: 6km
  • Maries - Skala Maries
  • Panagia - Golden Beach
  • Golden Beach - Skala Potamia

On the routes there is a risk from insects and snakes. Do not attempt to light a fire and don't smoke on the way. Wear comfortable shoes, get water and dried food, wear sunscreen, hat and glasses.


The island is ideal for cycling. There is no need to have your own bike as you can rent.

Every year, usually in early May, mountain bike races are organized. There are no prerequisites for participation but must pay a small fee.

Jeep Safari 4x4

Drive on gravel roads in mountainous Thassos with a four wheel drive vehicle! Enjoy nature and the beautiful pine forest! Drive to the village Kastro or to the top of the mountain Ipsario.


You can fish with a fishing rod in all the coasts of the island. You will see many anglers with their fishing rod to fish in the harbour, the cliffs, and sandy beaches. Snorkeling is also a famous activity on the island. You can fish with your spear fishing on the rocks at the edge of each beach. Pay attention to the swimmers and use a buoy.

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