Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Acropolis, Archaeological Site, Thassos Sightseeing

Acropolis, Thassos

Acropolis, Thassos Points of Interest, Sights of Thasos

Acropolis is located at the top of the first hill over the ancient agora (market) at a height of 137m. Acropolis has armoured marble walls. t comprised the ultimate defence in case of emergency.

The wall of Acropolis was constructed by the first inhabitants of the island. They even used it as treasury in order to secure and protect the wealth of the town. In several periods, it had been reconstructed, restored and amplified. Walking beside it, one easily discerns its different phases through time.

On the second summit of the hill, the ancient temple of Athena is located and it is dated back from the beginning of the 5th century.

On the third and highest top you will discover the sanctum of Pana. On an anaglyph inside a rock, the god is depicted with his hoofs and pipes.

It is worth following the path and ascending the verdurous hills since the scenery is magnificent. Before the walk supply yourself with water and put on comfortable shoes.

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