Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Metalia, Points of Interest, Thassos Sightseeing

Metalia, Thassos

Metalia, Sights of Thasos

Mines is an old factory that elaborates iron. The terrain is rich in cadmium and argentiferous lead.

The exploitation of mines began from the German company “SPEIDEL” in 1905 and it ceased in 1912 due to the First World War. The exploitation was continued by Vielle Montagne in 1925 until 1930 when they interrupted the operation owing to the financial crash. In 1957 another company poached on the mines in parallel with a Greek one. However, all the activities in the region stopped in 1963.

The mining are comprises an industrial legacy and a place of interest of the area. The ground is covered by a black metal giving to the soil an impressive brown color. At the mining field there is an open air exhibition of works of art.

In the area of the mines you will find the so-called beach (Metallia) with white sand and pebbles.

Village nearby: Limenaria

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