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Polygnotos Vagis Museum, Thassos

Polygnotos Vagis Museum, Thassos Museums, Sights of Thasos

The museum is located in the area of Potamia. It was inaugurated in 1981 and it is based in the stone building of the formerly primary school. It accommodates 98 pieces of sculpture and 15 paintings.

P.Vagis stood out in the USA and was chiefly occupied with the technique of “immediate sculpture”. His sculpture is divided into two periods. In the first, his works are inspired by history and the mythology, while in the second one abstractiveness is predominant. In the 1022, he became well-known to the public with his piece "my grandfather".

Polygnotos Vagis was born on the 14th of January in 1894 in Potamia. His father was a carpenter and his mother’s origin was from a respected sailors’ family in Ydra. At the age of 19, he emigrated in New York city. During the first World War he recruited to the US navy. In 1919 he obtained the American citizenship and studied sculpture in the University of Beaux Arts Institute, N.Y.

His first trip in Greece was in 1963. In 1964, he inherited his pieces to the Greek state, on condition that they are exhibited in a national museum or in a newly founded library, preferably in Thassos.

On the 15th of March in 1965 he passed away in New York and then he was transferred in Potamia where he was buried.

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