Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

St. Athanasios Church, Points of Interest, Thassos Sightseeing

St. Athanasios Church, Thassos

St. Athanasios Church, Thassos Churches, Sights of Thasos

The holy temple of Saint Athanasios is at the village Kastro and it is one of the oldest churches on the island. It was reconstructed in1804 by stones coming from the walls of the village obtaining the today’s morphological structure. The reconstruction was carried out after the Sultan’s permission. Its duration was 40 days and all the local people of Kastro provided assistance.

The church of Saint Athanasios in Kastro celebrates on the 18th of January. The residents organize and take part in a large feast enlivening the remote village. The Divine Service takes place on every second Saturday of a month.

Village nearby: Kastro

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