Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Kastro, Village of Thassos

Kastro, Thassos

Kastro, Villages of Thasos

Kastro is the oldest dwelling of the island and it is located in the northeastern side of Limenaria in a distance of 12km. Its altitude is 500m and it is not visible from the down country. It was named after the ruins of an existing castle, whose wall was constructed in 1403. Since 1905, it began its evacuation when the dweller were transferred to the coastal area. an During the last few years, its houses are being renovated by owners and used as cottages.

In the village there is the church of Saint Athanasios which was built in 1804, in 40 days by the respective permission of the Sultan. For its construction the whole village had provided assistance and there were used stones from the wall of the castle. The Divine Service takes place every last Saturday of a month and it celebrates on the 18th of January.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the castle has been characterized as historical monument after ministerial resolution in 1880. The road to the castle is earth and it is recommended that you use a four-engined vehicle or a jeep.

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