Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Panagia, Village of Thassos

Panagia, Thassos

Panagia, Villages of Thasos

Panagia is a picturesque mountainous village in an altitude of 300m. It is located in the northeastern part of the island and it abstains 8 kilometers from Limenas. It was the capital of the island during the Greek Revolution in 1821 and it was named after the name of its church, which is a temple dedicated to Virgin Mary. It has been organized during the last 300 years when the residents were forced to evacuate the coast and to hide from the pirates. Today its indigenous population rises to 900 residents. In the past, it was minting money called “bakires”, which are in exhibition at the local church.

Panagia is densely populated with narrow alleys made of stone. The architecture of the houses is characteristic made of schist on the roofs with small balconies, covered verandas, all made of wood. The village is crossed by many channels with running water. Talking a walk in the village, you are going to meet many traditional faucets made of stone as well as a lot of planes!

Panagia stands out for its residents simple lifestyle who are particularly religious. For this reason apart from the central church, there are 11 more smaller churches at the region.

The church and the whole village celebrate on the 15th of August. The women of the village, preserving their traditions, prepare choice viands, meat with wheat, rice or roast potatoes in the church yard in order to distribute it to the worshippers after the divine Service.

On Ash Monday, the first day of the Lent and the last of Carnival a large celebration takes place in the streets of the village. The residents disguised in carnival costumes take part in a parade with floats satirizing and mocking the latest headlines and the political persuasions of the civil government.

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