Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Theologos, Village of Thassos

Theologos, Thassos

Theologos, Villages of Thasos

At an altitude of 220m and at the southeastern part of the island it is located the country-style hilly village called Theologos. It is 50 kilometers far from Limenas and 10 kilometers far from Poto. Its population is 800 people whose main avocation in summer is tourism while agriculture and kettle-breeding during winter.

The first records in manuscripts for the existence of the thorp date back from 1287. It was the capital of the island during the Turkish occupation (1455-1813) and during the Egyptian domination(1813-1902).

Theologos is a traditional group of dwellings ,with narrow alleys paved with slabs influenced by the Macedonian architecture. It was characterized as Cultural Capital in 1979 and since then certain regulations have been established regarding the construction and restoration of the buildings. In the area there is an old made of stone bridge that gives access to Astris.

The village of Theologos maintains its tradition and culture. Every summer, a revival of the Thassian folk wedding takes place. The village is renowned for its cuisine and in particular for its meaty tastes such as the famous kiddling.

At the village you will have the opportunity to visit the folkloric museum in the mansion-house Hatzigiorgi as well as some churches. On your course towards Theologos you will meet the necropolis dating back from the 8th century B.C.

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