Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Civilization and Culture

Culture, Thassos

Thassians have maintained their culture as well as their social mores. Therefore, during the year they organize several events on the island. Every summer, different plays of ancient drama and comedy take place in the ancient theatre. In Theologos, a revival of a traditional wedding occurs in the middle of the summer. Last but not least, concerts are organized in several areas.

New Year's Folkways in Thassos

On the New Year’s Day, the children knock the doors of each home to sing the Christmas carols. They bake the “vasilopita”, usually a traditional meat pie or a cake, as every family does around Greece. There is always the lucky one who finds the “flouri”, a coin. A special custom in Thassos is the scattering of leaves. Everyone puts a leaf from an olive tree at the fireplace and they make a wish to come true.

Carnival in Thassos

Every year the Thassians prepare themselves for the great event of the Carnival. The celebration is culminated during the last weekend. The events take place on the roads of the villages with abundant wine, food and a lot of dancing! In Panagia and Potamia a parade with floats takes place lampooning the current events of the country and of the island. In the end of the Carnival the “King” is put into flames. They burn a huge float. On Shrove Monday, the first day of the Lent, the residents fly kites in the sky, they eat Lenten snacks(“mezedes”) and they drink “ouzo” or “tsipouro”.

Easter Customs

Easter is the greatest celebration of the Orthodoxy, when the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. On Easter Monday, the residents of Kalyvia revive the ancient custom called “Yia vrex Aprilim” which is a call to the month April for rain. The residents dance and pray to God to rain in order their vineyards not to go dry and to have a satisfactory yield. On the second Day of Easter the residents of Theologos transfer the icon of the resurrection scene from a small church to the monastery of Archangel Michael by following a path. They spent the night at the yard of the monastery and then they bring the icon back.

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