Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Astris, Village of Thassos

Astris Village, Thassos

Astris, Villages of Thasos

It is about a rural dwelling with houses made of stone that was founded and constructed by residents of Theologos for their agricultural affairs. It took its term from the magnificent fair weathers and its constellations during night. It is located at the southern part of Thassos. It is 45 km and 7km far from Limenas and Poto correspondingly.

In the area there are the beaches of Ai Vasilis, Babouri, Amdela, Salonikios and the natural swimming pool called Giola. Opposite Astris there is the isle of Panagia. Rumor has it that it was the home of Sirens who where bewitching by their ode the sailors. The area is advisable and promising for fishing!

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Location, Astris Thassos

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