Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

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Ancient Harbour, Thassos

Ancient Military Harbour of Thassos, Old Harbour

The ancient military harbor comprises the old small harbor of the today’s Limenas. In the past it was operating as the ancient town’s military harbor which was protected by two circular towers. Three gates assured the entrance of the mariners into the town and the ancient market. During the pre-Christian era it was turned into a commerce harbor the today’s morphological structure.

Ancient Commercial Harbour of Thassos

The commercial port of ancient Thassos is located in Limenas in the area of Evraiokastro (“Castle of Jews”), next to the today’s careenage. It was built at the external side of the town’s walls. It was an open-type harbor which was protected by a defensive tower that had a semicircular shape and it was connected with the market via gates.

Its utilization ceased in the 7th century. Its relics are visible today in just 1m below the sea surface.

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