Thassos Island Greece

Thassos Island Greece

Potamia, Village of Thassos

Potamia, Thassos

Potamia, Villages of Thasos

Potamia is a village that is at the eastern part of the island in a distance of 10 kilometers far from Limenas. Its 1200 inhabitants are occupied with tourism, agriculture, cattle-breeding and fishery.

It is build on a slope, under the top of a mountain and it has many traditional dwellings made of stone. The name Potamia comes from a local river that crosses it. The distinguishing characteristics of the village are the serene surroundings and its quaint beauty.

Tour around and meet the beautifulness in the alley that leads up to the top of the mountain “Ypsario” at the 1208 meters. Visit the museum of sculptural art “Polygnotos Vagis”, as well as the two churches of the village.

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